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About Us

We are a dynamic Vienna/Austria based software design and development think tank.

Our startup attitude and our business solution driven holistic approach gives us a great standing with our clients.

We have long standing customer relations and partnerships with companies and government institutions in the US and Europe.

Ideas and people are our focus. There is a steady effort to enlarge our network of partners and co-workers with bright people, who share our vision.

"I am aiming for continuous sustainable healthy organisational growth and constantly looking for talent and experience"

Erik Minass, founder and CEO

The aim of Think Tanker is to ease working, learning and living, as well as to enable people to utilize their potential and to improve the situation of our customers.
We use the best available frameworks and services like Laravel and Amazon Cloud to provide cutting edge innovative applications.

Our Services


Process design is the fundament and core of Think Tanker's competencies. We work with our customers to find out what matters most, where IT can support and enable them to work and which human-machine interactions are needed.


We follow best practices and programming and testing guidelines as well as use web technologies and frameworks like Laravel, Bootstrap, Sentinel and many more to develop robust, sustainable, and maintainable software in short time.


We support our clients by selecting and maintaining the best hosting solutions for their needs: be it an VM on an intranet server or a full-fledged (micro-) services solution incorporating PaaS providers, cloud based servers and services.


Design - Develop - Deploy all done in an Scrumban style allows us and our customers to develop, learn and test more and faster. This project management style gives our customers the chance to pivot direction without inflicting extra costs.

Our services are utilized by mid sized to large companies as well as governmental organisations.

Our Team




"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."



Software Architect
Lead Developer

"The only constant in life is change."



Full Stack Developer
Secret Sauce Cook

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."



Full Stack Developer
Performance Guru

"Everything is possible, just keep trying."


Full stack software developer
Master of Awesomness

"…" - send us one!

Support by Team of Freelancers:
Stefan Strasser - Graphic Design and Comic Artist
Judith Pucher - PHP Ninja
Klaus Kurz - Database Guru and Network Specialist
Andreas Heydeke - Security Advisor and Hacker Bouncer


We are looking for experienced web application developers who …

  • are knowledgeable and have hands-on experience
  • are at the pulse, have an opinion on security (on all possible levels), and are generally up-to level with what’s happening without being hype-manic
  • use GIT as common sense, have (no) issue with Jira, and share ideas in Confluence
  • are fluent or good in English - additional German can’t hurt
  • and of course integrate well in a team, take responsibility serious and are solution driven, hard working, fast learning, helpful and bright.
  • is wooping apps in one or more PHP & JS frameworks (Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery), and knows how to handle test and productive stages and servers
  • breaths OOP and M(M)VC, integrates an extension for breakfast, and develops an API before lunch, uses assertions for sanity, and dreams in jQuery
  • believes in refactoring and team code.
  • thinks mobile first and is LESS afraid of SASS
  • crafts responsible, responsive easy to use pages allowing a smooth and painless UX
  • tinkers with JS libraries, develops front end components and plays nice with the backend
  • has the EYE for precision and aesthetics without sacrificing compatibility.
  • likes challenging testing scenarios with moving targets
  • fully integrates in the team effort of refactoring
  • aims at relevant code coverage, functional testing: moving a multi-deploy per week organisation to one with Continuous Deployment

What’s in it for you?

We have interesting international web application projects, a devoted and energetic A-Team in house and are looking for perhaps you to join in.
You can take on responsibility and have a good deal of freedom within the project plan.


Think you are an A-Player? Get in touch at, please include online references and work experience.

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